Papaya for mamaya?

Or really, papaya for everyone!  We’ve got a papaya explosion at one of our sites.

Papaya treeThe tippy top of this papaya tree was accidentally lopped off by a shovel when it was only 8 inches tall while cucumbers were being planted nearby. As a result the tree grew into a ‘Y’ and ended up with two low twin stalks of papayas. The fruits were so low to the ground they grew for months but stayed green. The family trimmed the leaves of the tree recently to see what would happen. The sun hit the fruit and the papayas ripened!

Papayas offer a health bonanza.  Among other things, they help fight heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis and macular degeneration.  They offer anti-inflammatory and immune support along with promoting digestive health.

Need a recipe? How about papaya salsa or papaya pancakes?  We can’t wait to offer them to the public!

Click on flier for April only!

papaya flier


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